Gemr creates quality jewelry using precious gems from around the world. These jewelry reflect our two central design principles: simplicity and character, or “edge” as we like to put it. Our inspirations come from all around us - from flowers, animals, emotions, even tools and pipes - pretty much whatever we see and feel.

Simplicity enhances wearability and edge compliments confidence and individuality.

Founded and run by Ryan Mineo Durning and life partner Hitomi Hiratsuka in Kyoto Japan, Gemr’s jewelry is designed for confident people of all backgrounds and identities who enjoy expressing their individuality and beauty.

“Since I was a little boy I have been interested in gems and treasure hunting. Whether I was looking for old coins and metal objects in sandboxes or sorting through river gravel for gold dust and quartz crystals, I literally believed I would become an Indiana Jones, traveling the world seeking treasure and adventure. Taking this to heart, I am on my journey creating scintillating jewelry using self-selected precious gems gathered from around the world. I like to think that Gemr offers our collectors a bit of excitement and adventure along with the life long treasures they are purchasing.”

Ryan Mineo Durning